The Nile Theater opened as the Valley’s first movie house in 1924 in Downtown Mesa. On September 2nd, 1924, this former movie house opened with “The Fighting American” (aka The Fighting Adventurer) starring Pat O’Malley & Mary Astor. For more than 27 years, The Nile Theater was the life-blood of entertainment in downtown Mesa. Over those 27 years, Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures both had an ownership stake in The Nile, until it closed in 1951.

For many years after the The Nile Theater closed, it functioned as a clothing store, a nightclub, a dinner theater, a church, and other retail businesses util it reopened as a music venue in 1994. The Nile Theater had a colorful history between 1994 and 2002 when the venue closed, but during those years The Nile saw the rise of many puck rock, metal, rock and alternative bands that played in the theater.

Reopened in 2010 under the management of Mantooth Group (Now known as Nile Presents) the new Nile Theater has shamelessly taking the Arizona music scene by storm. Sine the re-opening in 2010, The Nile has added a coffee shop and vegan eatery (The Shop) in the front room, a bar in the main theater and in the shop, and will be going through a renovation of the facade of the building in Spring of 2018 to bring back the historic character of the exterior of the building. Today the Nile Theater is a thriving all ages venue with three rooms, catering to many music communities and events. For booking inquiries or any other questions please go the the Rent The Nile page.


When we reopened The Nile in 2010, we had a vision to make this a special place where people gathered, where the community came together, and where every person felt accepted. This meant that we had to pay special attention to the needs of the community, and that community is at the core of everything we do.


When we opened the coffee shop and vegan eatery we made sure that tapped into the local food and beverage community, that’s why our bread is baked fresh daily by Proof Bread, the pastries are baked in house every morning with ingredients sourced from local makers, and we source as many of our fresh products from local producers.


Providing fresh great brews is very important to us, that’s why our coffee comes from a local roaster, and many of our beers and ciders come from local breweries and our local cider house Cider Corps. But every show in the Theater is different, so we’ve kept the flexibility to change up our drink menu in the Theater Bar depending on the community that the show attracts.


The Nile has the unique opportunity to watch bands grow from playing a 100 person venue, to a 300 person venue, to selling out 1,000 tickets without ever having to leave the building.  With three distinctly different rooms – The Nile is able to host shows of all sizes from local to national – this is the place to play, grow, and thrive.