Historically known for its voracious appetite for memorable hardcore, punk, metal, and rock shows, the Historic Nile Theater is streaming precious life-blood into the desert one show at a time. Now under the management of the Mantooth Group, the new Nile Theater is shamelessly taking the Arizona music scene by storm.The Historic Nile Theater opened in 1924 as the Valley’s first and largest movie house. In 1951 the theater closed, but since then has housed a clothing store, nightclub, dinner theater, church, and a few other tenants. Today the Nile Theater is a thriving all ages venue with three rooms, catering to many music communities and events. The three rooms include The Underground, The Nile Theater, and The Shop. For booking inquiries or any other questions please email:


The Underground, formerly known as The Nile Basement, was the first to reopen its doors in February 2010. It is the mid sized room in the venue fitting around 300 people. Now with a bar, The Underground is the perfect spot for bands and fans to have an intimate experience.


The Historic Nile Theater holds 1000 people and is the largest and main room in the venue. The room can also be scaled down for smaller shows to give the room a more snug feeling.


VPH is open daily as a coffee shop/bar/vegan cafe, but can also functions as a smaller room for performances. For their hours and more info you can check their website www.volsteadpublichouse.com


For questions on ticketing, booking or concerts please call us at 480.559.5859.
For rental information please email us michelle@theniletheater.com